YPA gets a good night’s sleep

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July 10, 2018 by

YPA gets a good night’s sleep

We were thrilled to work with Australian NaturalCare on their first venture into television, to share the benefits of their best selling sleep aid formula, A Good Night’s Sleep.

At least one-third of Australian adults suffer from significant sleep problems. This new formula, Australian-made product containing three traditionally used sedative herbs, has been created to help people fall asleep and sleep more deeply.

It’s an important story and one that we felt needed time to explain properly.

So we engaged talented presenter Jennifer Eagles to do the explaining and we coordinated a four-minute spot on daytime TV with The Morning Show’s queen of infomercials, Karen Ledbury.

Jennifer and Karen hit it off immediately, and produced a very engaging segment.

Here is a behind the scenes photo and the segment will be released soon. Check it out, especially if you want to know more about getting A Good Night’s Sleep and getting a good night’s sleep!